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    Terms and Conditions

    The rules of buying and selling

    1. General statements.

    1.1. The following set of rules of buying and selling (further “Rules”) are a binding legal document which  defines Buyer’s and Seller’s  rights and obligations, conditions of purchasing and payments for the purchased goods, shipment and handling, returns and exchanges, responsibilities of the parties, other rules  of purchasing and selling goods at “Lipdau” online store.

    1.2. The Buyer agrees to comply with these rules by placing a purchase order.

    1.3. The agreement between Buyer and Seller is considered to be concluded and binding from the moment of the completion of the Buyer’s order: having filled the shopping cart, chosen the payment method, clicked on “Buy” button.

    1. Personal data security policy.

    2.1. While placing  a purchase order, the Buyer is asked  to submit the required  personal details: name, surname, the street address and the e-mail address.

    2.2. It is a Buyer’s responsibility to submit correct personal data when placing an order.

    2.3. By placing a purchase order,  the Buyer agrees to allow his personal data to be used for the purpose of fulfilling the above  order, and to receive information from the store that is necessary for the execution of  that purchase order

    2.4. Buyer’s personal data  can be used for marketing purposes only with the Buyer’s consent.

    2.5. The Seller is under the  obligation  not to disclose Buyer’s personal data, except when required by an authorized State institution, in cases foreseen by the laws of the LR, and under an agreement signed by the Buyer.

    1. The rights and obligations of the Buyer

    3.1. The Buyer undertakes to pay to the Seller the agreed amount for the ordered goods and accept them.

    3.2. Provide complete, complete and correct information on the billing form. If the Buyer submits inaccurate, false or misleading data in the form of payment, “Lipdau” has the right to cancel the Customer’s registration and delete the data.

    3.3. After the Customer has changed the data submitted on the Purchase Form, the Buyer must inform the Seller immediately.

    3.4. The Buyer has the right to cancel the Purchase and Sale Agreement in accordance with the provisions set out in the Returns Regulations.

    3.5. The Buyer, by placing an order in the online store, “Lipdau” agrees with these Purchase and Sale Rules and undertakes to establish them in the Republic of Lithuania legal acts.

    1. The rights and obligations of the Seller

    4.1. The Seller is  under  the obligation to provide the conditions for the Buyer to use all services available at “Lipdau” online store.

    4.2. If  the Buyer attempts to disrupt   safety and stability of the business operation  or otherwise fails to fulfill  Buyer’s obligations, it is the Buyer’s right to limit, seize or terminate Buyer’s access to “Lipdau” online store.

    4.3. The Seller is under the obligation to respect the privacy of Buyer’s personal data and not to extend it to the third parties.

    4.4. It is a  Seller’s obligation to ship the purchased goods to an  address appointed by the Buyer.

    4.5. In case of extraordinary circumstances, the Seller maintains the right to temporary seize or entirely discontinue the  operation of the online store without any advance notification provided to  the Buyer.

    4.6. The Seller maintains the right to change the terms and conditions of the Rules.

    4.7. If the Buyer continues to use “Lipdau” online store services after imposing the changes, it is considered as  Buyer’s  consent to  the above changes.

    1. Placing orders, prices, payment methods and conditions,  timelines

    5.1.. “Lipdau” online store is open for business 24/ 7.

    5.2.  Purchase orders can be placed only  by using “Lipdau”  website.

    5.3. All prices at the online store are marked in Euros.

    5.4. The Buyer’s obligation is to pay for the purchase order within 2 (two) calendar days after  the confirmation of purchase order. The shipment procedure is initiated  only after the payment has been received.

    5.5. In case of not submitting  the payment  within 2 (two) calendar days the  purchase order will be terminated.

    1. Shipping and delivery

    6.1. It is a Buyer’s duty to provide correct address details for delivery.

    6.2. The  Buyer is under the obligation to receive the parcel  in person. The Buyer does not have the right to make complaints to the Seller for deliveries to the wrong address.

    6.3. The goods are shipped within 2 (two) business days after a received payment.

    6.4. The Seller bears no responsibility for delivery time  if  the shipment is not delivered  in  time or it  has. occurred because of  the Buyer’s actions.

    6.5. The Buyer is under the obligation to immediately notify the Seller in case the shipment packaging is breached, if the goods in the package are wrong (not the goods which had been ordered), if the shipment is not complete in any way.

    6.6. The Buyer is under the obligation to submit images of the damage to the goods and/ or to the package.

    7.  Quality  assurance  and warranty

    7.1. All items sold at “Lipdau” online store are described in detail following each item.

    7.2. Quantities of  items displayed do not always coincide with the price of the item: the images may  show  more items solely  for artistic purposes. The measurements are provided in the descriptions. The colors can vary slightly depending on the devices used by the Buyer.

    1. Marketing and  information

    8.1. The Seller may initiate sales and special offers at “Lipdau” online store.

    8.2. The Seller has the right to change the terms and conditions of special offers and promotions  without any notification, as well as terminate them. Any changes in terms and conditions of special offer or sale are effective since the moment of that change or termination.

    8.3. The Seller sends information and notifications to the Buyer to the e-mail address provided by the Buyer.

    8.4. The Buyer sends all messages and questions addressed to the Seller to addresses placed in the “Contacts” section of the online store.

    8.5. The Seller is not responsible if the Buyer does not receive information due to disruptions in service of the internet provider, e-mail service, if the messages are received as SPAM or due to the incorrect data provided by the Buyer.

    8.6. Buyer’s personal data can be used for marketing purposes as defined in the chapter 2.4 of the Rules.

    1. Final statements

    9.1. These Rules of purchasing and selling of goods are comprised in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Lithuanian Republic.

    There Rules are a subject to applicable  laws of the Lithuanian Republic. All disputes are resolved by negotiations of the parties.


    Return Policy

    1. Returns and exchanges.

    1.1. All returns can be executed following  the  order No.217 “Regarding confirmation of rules and regulations on returns and exchanges of purchases” by the Minister of the Economy of the Lithuanian Republic,  issued  June 29, 2001.

    1.2. Shipping  and shipping charges of the purchase  subject to return is a Buyer’s responsibility. The parcel is to be shipped by a registered mail, submitting  a shipment  tracking number  the to the Seller no later than 24 hours after posting  the shipment.

    1.3. Shipping and handling  charges for returns and exchange of good quality wares are paid by the Buyer.

    1.4. If the Buyer wishes to return the purchase (-es),  the purchased wares can be returned  to the Seller by informing the Seller  about the problem within 7 (seven) calendar days after  receiving   the goods. The Buyer is to  inform the Seller by sending  an e-mail with  attached photographs  or video of the goods or package thus describing the problem.

    1.5. The  purchase has to be returned in an original undamaged packaging, in  unused condition and of the same quantity as it was received , and with an original printed receipt (copy of the payment transfer).

    1.6. For  returns of  good quality wares  only the purchase price will be  refunded. Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.

    1.7. In case of return of a wrong/ mixed up purchase, the Seller obliges to correct the mistake and deliver the intended wares. If the correct ware is not in stock, all cost encountered by the Buyer will be refunded in full, including shipping and handling.

    1.8. In case of return of inferiour quality goods, the Seller obliges to exchange the purchase in question with an equivalent of a good quality or refund the price paid by the Buyer in full.

    1.9. The Buyer can return  the wares of  inferiour  quality by e- mailing  the Seller and attaching the images or video of the problem  within 14 (fourteen) calendar days after receiving the goods.

    1.10. The  goods of unsatisfactory quality have to be returned in an original undamaged packaging, in an unused condition and of original quantity.

    1.11. The Seller  maintains the right to reject  the returned goods if the Buyer fails to  observe  the rules of returns defined in chapters 1.4-1.5, 1.9-1.10

    1.12. If  the Buyer had paid  for the wares by a  Gift coupon, the Gift coupon will be returned  to the Buyer and additional  charges  (if  they had occured )  will be refunded in full.

    1.13. In case when  Buyer returns ceramic wares purchased with a discount, the refund will cover the actual amount  paid by the Buyer.

    1. Final statements.

    2.1. The above rules regarding returns and exchanges of goods are comprised in accordance with the laws and regulations of the LR.

    2.2. The law of the Lithuanian Republic is applicable to the above set of rules. All arguments arising in regard to these rules can be resolved by negotiation between  parties. In case of failure to reach an agreement, the argument  will  be resolved   according to the laws of the Lithuanian Republic.

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